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The focus of our work is caring for children living with and affected by HIV/Aids, full-time and in a family environment. When a child cannot be looked after by family members or neighbours, he or she is placed via the Magistrate’s Court at the HOKISA Home. A careful assessment of the situation of each child is part of the admission process. Where ever possible, family members are encouraged to keep in touch with the child.

HOKISA: A safe place for children living with and affected by HIV/Aids - and all the children of the neighbourhood.
  • HOKISA cares for up to twenty children in a family-like environment seven days a week, 24 hours a day. People have recognized the improvement in health and wellbeing of some children who arrived at the home very sick.
  • HOKISA provides training and skills development: Since the opening we have organised workshops for all staff members around topics like: “Facts around HIV/AIDS”, “Early Childhood Education”, “Nutrious food for children with a weak immune system”, “Management and Bookkeeping”, “1st Aid” and “Personal Budgeting”.
  • HOKISA supports HIV/Aids awareness: A youth group meets regularly at the HOKISA Peace House, to see educational films and to have discussions around issues that are relevant to the youth in the township - often but not always related to HIV. Educational outreach to the greater community of Masiphumelele and beyond is part of our work.
  • HOKISA supports people living with HIV/Aids: We help individuals to apply for financial support like the disability grant, and where needed, we help with food parcels until such a grant comes into effect.

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Our International Friends

FreundInnen von HOKISA in Deutschland

Vrienden van HOKISA in Nederland

Friends of HOKISA in the USA

HOKISA Ikhaya Lethu: Our Home in Masiphumelele

HOKISA Ikhaya Lethu means HOKISA Our Home, a name given by the community of Masiphumelele.

It is located in the heart of the township, behind the Day Care Clinic and in walking distance of the Primary and High School.

The HOKISA Home cares for up to twenty children fulltime. The HOKISA playground is open to all children in the neighbourhood. A vegetable garden provides food for the children and the team.

The HOKISA Home is supported by friends of HOKISA in South Africa and overseas, mainly Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

Our vegetable garden in front of the HOKISA Home
Our vegetable garden in front of the HOKISA Home

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HOKISA - a resource for the Masiphumelele community

Children enjoying the HOKISA playground
Children enjoying the HOKISA playground


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  • A Happy And Prosperous New Year To All Our Hokisa Supporters And Friends!

    December 31st, 2018

    A merry and very special Hokisa family Christmas we had this year. Both the children and adults at Hokisa had a great time. A big thank you to all our friends for all the Christmas gifts, support and would like to wish everyone a successful 2019!

  • World AIDS day and Hokisa`s 16th Birthday

    December 1st, 2018

    Today was HOKISA`s 16th birthday and what a warm family day it was filled with love and laughter.

  • Water Crisis!

    June 26th, 2018

    As everyone in Cape Town knows, we are suffering one of the worst droughts in our history.
    All citizens and communities have been encouraged to do what they can to save water.
    HOKISA has installed a water collection tank that feeds into our toilet system and saves hundreds of litres every day…

  • A Happy, Healthy And Peaceful New Year To All Our HOKISA Supporters!

    January 1st, 2018

    A happy and VERY special HOKISA family Christmas was enjoyed by ALL… thank you to all of our friends for the kind gifts and support, and wishing everyone all the best for 2018!

  • Great Support For HOKISA

    October 15th, 2017

    During the past few months we has received support from schools, and a bookshop in Munich, who all made a lot of effort to support the work done at HOKISA. We want to thank them all - learners, teachers and parents.