If you would like to support HOKISA’s vital work you can:

  • Give a donation today (any amount)
  • Sponsor one or more of the items we need (see the list below)
  • Spread your giving over time by becoming a regular sponsor of our children’s home

Whatever you decide, your efforts will make a lasting difference to help us. HOKISA keeps its operational costs to a minimum and you can be assured your money goes directly to the running of the home and the needs of the children.

To make a donation please deposit the amount into our bank account (see details on right).
If you need any assistance in making a donation please contact us:, Tel +27 21 785 7317.

Please note - if you would like to make a donation from Germany or the Netherlands and receive a tax certificate we would advise you to make the donation into the relevant support groups bank account and you will then be issued with your certificate. Please feel free to access the Dutch or German websites to receive banking details and any other information you may require.

What We Need

R800 Donate a school package to one of our children – includes stationary, books, shoes and school uniform required for the school year
R500 Sponsor school transport for a week for all kids
R2,000 Sponsor school transport for a month for all kids
R24,000 Sponsor school transport for a year for all kids
R6,000 Sponsor the food and groceries for HOKISA for a week – our children receive the nutritional diet required to sustain them during a busy day of learning and important for their growth and development
R250 Sponsor a birthday present for a child
R1,000 Sponsor a holiday activity for our children. In the holiday times we plan outings for the children where we may visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, have an outing to the Planetarium or a visit to the theatre to see a play or some dancing (Includes transportation and food)
R6,000 Sponsor a Childcare Workers Salary for a month
R72,000 Sponsor a Childcare Workers Salary for a year
R400 Donate a food parcel so a needy family within our community can receive a nutritional diet - non-perishables such as long-life milk, mielie meal, tinned fish, soya, rooibos tea, beans, lentils, fish oil, and samp, peanut butter etc.
Feed a family for two weeks (the family will receive one parcel)
R800 Feed a family for a month (the family will receive two food parcels per month)
R9,600 Feed a family for a year (the family will receive two parcels per month x 12 months)
R20,000 Sponsor educational support for our children for a month (Facilitators, Occupational Therapy, Homework Teacher etc…).