The morning started off with much excitement and with the children thrilled to be going on board Frigate Brandenburg.

We were welcomed warmly by Commander Alexander Wald and his crew and it was a great experience for the children to explore the ship and learn so much about the different jobs that people do.

The children were amazed that 230 sailors sleep and eat on board and that such a big and heavy ship can float on water.
They loved being on the bridge and sitting in the captains chair. They also had such fun trying on the armour plated vests and helmets and pretending to be sailors.

We were then spoilt by a delicious tea party in the ‘helicopters bedroom’, with lots of treats and wonderful German sweets and chocolates. Commander Wald and his team were very warm and kind and made us feel very special.

Commander Wald and some crew followed us back to HOKISA and the boys were very proud to show them their house after they had explored the big ship. The children were spoilt with all the souvenirs from the ship – lanyards, post cards, books and stickers, and a VERY special BIG box of wonderful wooden blocks! We are very pleased to have these and the children started playing and building creative things as soon as we opened them.

We are proud to have new friends from the Frigate Brandenburg!